Document Management Systems: Top 3 DMS Solutions

Digitizing your company’s documents is no longer enough to enhance the company’s efficiency and productivity. Managing and organizing the digital documents is essential in providing quick and easy access to those documents when they are needed with as little time wasted as possible. That’s why investing in a document management system (DMS) can go a long way in streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency.

Top 3 DMS Solutions


eFileCabinet has been praised by PC Magazine and as the best DMS solution in the market. eFileCabinet provides great collaboration and administrative controls, includes OCR (optical character recognition) for scanned documents, and features CRM and ERP integration. The pricing options start at $9.95 per month. Some of its plans feature file sharing with external users, Microsoft Office integration, eSignature, role-based security options, and workflow management.

M-Files DMS

M-Files, another highly praised DMS solution, helps you create, organize, share, and control your digital files. Labelled as “a better SharePoint than SharePoint” for its ease of use by ZDNet, M-Files DMS is available as an on-site software, a cloud system, or a hybrid of both. Its interface is also recognizable due to its similarities with Window Explorer. M-Files can easily integrate with Microsoft Office, and can be accessed via tablets or smartphones.


Dokmee is another great DMS, receiving great user reviews on several websites. This solution is also available on-premise or via the cloud. Businesses can create their own customizable workflows on Dokmee. Multiple users can review the same document simultaneously.

Dokmee’s on-premise version is available in three versions: Home, Professional, and Enterprise. The cloud plans include Starter, Basic, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

Digitize Your Documentsdms

Digitize your documents and create and effective and efficient workflow. Scan your documents and use a DMS to streamline your work and save time and money.

Mustek Scanners

Mustek offers large scanners that can scan large format documents. Digitize your business by scanning your documents with Mustek. Learn more about our products here.

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