Creating A Process For Document Scanning Automation


Efficiency is survival for any organization. Cutting costs and time can make a major difference in performance, effectiveness, and success in today’s world. One method that enhances an organization’s efficiency greatly is automation.
With paper still being used today from invoices and forms to contracts and reports, automating records of those documents is just as crucial as the automation of other organizational functions.

Preparing Documents For Automation

For documents your organization prepares, it is important to prepare those documents for future automation, depending on the scanning software and electronic document management system you will use. If your systems use OCR, OMR, or barcodes, use the suitable labelling method that your systems can read.

System Integration And Organization-Wide Accessdms

Another aspect to take into consideration when creating a process for automation is the compatibility of your scanning software, the EDM (electronic document management) system, and other software you will use to organize, manage, and distribute the documents.

Take into account the use of the documents by other departments within the organization and the compatibility of the systems of those departments with the systems you plan to use.

What To Look For

When searching for the right systems and software, find ones that help with indexing, automatic document routing, and allow for process and control rules,


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Top 3 Benefits of Going Paperless for Schools


Organizations of all sorts have been propagating the move to a paperless system, with everything from bills and receipts to human resources management transforming piles of papers to digital versions.

But with decades of hard copy tradition, what’s in it for schools? What do they have to gain out of it?

Top 3 Benefits of Going Paperlessdocument management

  1. Better access: When important documents and records (such as student progress reports, feedback, homework, grades, etc.) are uploaded to a LAN network or the cloud and organized logically, it saves people the headache of having to dig through piles of paper.
  2. Saved space: Storage rooms and cabinets have always been a thorn in an organization’s sense of tidiness. The saved space by converting those files to digital format can be used for other purposes. (For school supplies, as an example.)
  3. Enhanced feedback: With everything in digital format, feedback becomes a breeze between teachers, school administration, and students and parents. Students and parents no longer have to wait for days for teachers to provide them with feedback on the student’s assignments or projects.

Enhance your school’s performance by going paperless today.

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Mustek scanners can handle a wide range of document sizes for your school so you can begin converting your old documents to digital today. Learn more about Mustek scanners here.

Document Management Systems: Top 3 DMS Solutions


Digitizing your company’s documents is no longer enough to enhance the company’s efficiency and productivity. Managing and organizing the digital documents is essential in providing quick and easy access to those documents when they are needed with as little time wasted as possible. That’s why investing in a document management system (DMS) can go a long way in streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency.

Top 3 DMS Solutions


eFileCabinet has been praised by PC Magazine and as the best DMS solution in the market. eFileCabinet provides great collaboration and administrative controls, includes OCR (optical character recognition) for scanned documents, and features CRM and ERP integration. The pricing options start at $9.95 per month. Some of its plans feature file sharing with external users, Microsoft Office integration, eSignature, role-based security options, and workflow management.

M-Files DMS

M-Files, another highly praised DMS solution, helps you create, organize, share, and control your digital files. Labelled as “a better SharePoint than SharePoint” for its ease of use by ZDNet, M-Files DMS is available as an on-site software, a cloud system, or a hybrid of both. Its interface is also recognizable due to its similarities with Window Explorer. M-Files can easily integrate with Microsoft Office, and can be accessed via tablets or smartphones.


Dokmee is another great DMS, receiving great user reviews on several websites. This solution is also available on-premise or via the cloud. Businesses can create their own customizable workflows on Dokmee. Multiple users can review the same document simultaneously.

Dokmee’s on-premise version is available in three versions: Home, Professional, and Enterprise. The cloud plans include Starter, Basic, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

Digitize Your Documentsdms

Digitize your documents and create and effective and efficient workflow. Scan your documents and use a DMS to streamline your work and save time and money.

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